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What Marketers Are Paying Attention to in 2018

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As a marketing manager, your aim is to increase the company’s traffic, land more qualified leads, grow social media reach and in the process impress your boss. You need data and direction to accomplish all these goals and that’s why you’ve landed here.

This EBook gives you a clear understanding of key marketing priorities, tactics, issues and how to solve common marketing challenges without becoming overwhelmed.

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Use this EBook to help solve the marketing issues you’re having while simultaneously growing your business.

What we cover:

  • Marketing Challenges in 2018
  • Digital Marketing Priorities
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Social Media & Trends

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Marketers who continue to only focus on bottom of funnel prospects will never be able to provide their clients with sustainable, predictable growth.

Ulf Lonegren - Managing Director, Roketto